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orange2c is only a compiler for the orange language. the orange2c-x.x.x.tgz package only contain the compiler, some utilities (e.g. for installing public id catalogs), and the runtime kernel. all addiitonal classes, type declarations etc., which are described in the 'orange language specification' are not included in the compiler package. they are defined and implemented in a number of additional packages. the packages are available from the same download area as the compiler and language specification.

all libraries are implemented (partly) in orange itself, so the compiler has to be installed first. detailed installation and setup information is content with the packages.

o2clang (!)

this package implements the core runtime library. it is required, since the orange2c compiler compiles it's C code for various internal settings of this library. to use orange you must use orange2c and this library.

o2cred (+)

the 'red' library is the base kit for normal, non graphical applications. it contains the io and extended collection type, user properties and configuration, the net and messaging frameworks. this library can be used, but can be replaced by any other implementation of course.

Legend: ! = required, + = recommended, ~ = optional.