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orange itself is 'only' the specification for the orange language. orange2c is an implementation of an optimizing compiler, which generates C code. it is accompignied by a set of tools, which makes the work with it easier, e.g. a utility for installed catalog files, etc.

The C code generated by orange2c is not pure ANSI C, but very portable, since it doesn't use specific compiler features (like nested functions or special pragma directives). The code is (theoretically) prepared to support different C dialects, but in the moment only a 'special' backend is written for gcc-2.95.

therefore, additionaly to the orange2c compiler a full gcc-2.95 installation is required.

orange2c is under active development in the moment. see for latest news and downloads.

tools and utilities

tools and utilities accompanying the compiler include:

1. orange2c, the compiler itself
2. orange-config, a configuration tool, which make working with the runtime configuration easier; it reports library and flag settings needed for C compiler runs, etc.
3. o2c-install, maintains the module catalog files, used by the compiler and other tools
4. o2cdoc, a documentation tools extracting and building documentation files from the inline documentations froms orange source files.