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You can always download the most recent version of the orange specification, the orange2c compiler suite and the accompagning libraries from sourceforge, either by getting released packages, or by checking out the newest versions from cvs. released versions are normally better tested and are simpler to install.

Released versions

Go to sourceforge download pages to download released versions. the various parts of orange are available separately, so you can get only the parts you really need.

get orange by cvs

the newest versions of orange are always available from the cvs. to access the cvs follow these steps:

1. login to the cvs server:

cvs -d"" login

and press the return key, when asked for a password. then check out the module you need:

cvs -d"" co -P module

replace 'module' with one of the following modules:

1. language - the orange language specification source code
2. compiler - the orange2c compiler suite
3. o2clang - the orange base runtime library


orange2c should work on a wide range of platforms. it should, but actually the portability of the code is neither properly tested not enforced by now. this will change once the code base settles. but the dependencies on third party software is fairly small. all the packages are available as OpenSource from various places in the web:

1. gcc 2.95, 3.x is not tested yet
2. autoconf 2.53 if you want to activily develop orange2c. earlier version doesn't work.
3. automake 1.6.x if you want to activily develop orange2c. earlier version doesn't work.
4. Hans Boehms's garbage collector 'gc', on some systems (e.g. debian linux) the gc is available as precompiled and prepackaged library, on others (like BeOS) you have to compile the library on your own. see the install file in the package for more detail.
5. to process the language specification sources you need the edge markup language and tools, which are available for free. to read the specification one should probably better get the prepared pdf- or postscript versions from the download area at sourceforge.