The edge markup language


You can always download the most recent version of edge – including the DTD, stylesheets, tools, etc. – from sourceforge, either by getting released packages, or by checking out the newest versions from CVS. Released versions are normally better tested and are simpler to install.

Released versions

Go to sourceforge download pages to download released versions. The various parts edge are available seperately, so you can get only the parts you really need.

Please note that the packages of edge does not include the necessary third party software, like SGML processors, a DSSSL stylesheet engine, etc. You have to get those packages seperately. All additional software is available as OpenSource. See section Requirements for details.

Get edge by CVS

The newest versions of edge are always available from the CVS. To access the CVS follow these steps:

1. Login to the CVS server:

cvs -d":pserver:anonymous@cvs.edgeml.sf.net:/cvsroot/edgeml" login

and press the return key, when asked for a password. Then check out the module you need:

cvs -d":pserver:anonymous@cvs.edgeml.sf.net:/cvsroot/edgeml" co -P module

Replace module with one of the following modules:


edge is designed to work as application independent as possible. Therefore the requirements are recommendations really. You normally will need the following software, if you're working with edge: